[Mimedefang] @Recipients order?

Joseph Brennan brennan at columbia.edu
Thu Oct 23 16:16:15 EDT 2008

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> Hi,
> 	If I send an email, specify joe at plumber.example.com as the "To"
> and joe at sixpack.example.com as the "CC" in my email, when it gets to
> MimeDefang, will the @Recipients[0] always be set to the "To"? In
> two tests I just ran, it seemed to set them to the LAST address.
> (So my primary example would have been joe at sixpack.example.com .)
> If I set joe at sixpack.example.com , joe at cool.example.com ,
> joe at camel.example.com, it would be joe at camel.example.com .
> 	I really need to have what the "To" is.

Then you have to open HEADERS and read the "To:" line.  Not just
because of the order, but because @Recipients might be totally
different from what is visible in the To and Cc lines.

Joseph Brennan
Lead Email Systems Engineer
Columbia University Information Technology

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