[Mimedefang] Ignoring sendmail aliases

David F. Skoll dfs at roaringpenguin.com
Mon Oct 27 21:41:41 EDT 2008

Kelly Jones wrote:

> When someone does "RCPT TO: <xyz at mydomain.com>", I want mimedefang's
> filter_recipient() to do everything. I don't want sendmail's aliases
> file involved.


So then don't create any aliases?

> Of course, since I'm not using aliases, I need to tell mimedefang how
> to deliver the mail.

> How do I tell mimedefang to deliver mail to xyz at server1.mydomain.com,
> for example?

MIMEDefang is not responsible for delivering mail.  It's responsible
for filtering it.  Sendmail is responsible for delivering it.  It's
possible to muck up that separation of duties by adding/deleting recipients,
but it really sounds messy.  Why are you trying to do it that way?



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