[Mimedefang] Solaris 9 problem

Joseph Brennan brennan at columbia.edu
Tue Oct 28 14:31:32 EDT 2008

We updated our Solaris 9 hosts to the latest kernel version last night,
and now Mimedefang segfaults when starting up.

It fails at this point (wrapped for legibility):

/opt/mimedefang-2.63/bin/mimedefang-multiplexor -p
  /var/spool/MIMEDefang/mimedefang-multiplexor.pid -z
  /var/spool/MIMEDefang -m 5 -x 50 -U defang -b 600 -l -s

/etc/init.d/mimedefang: line 21:  7550 Segmentation Fault

We also cannot ssh or rlogin to the hosts except as root, so I admit
the problem here might not be Mimedefang at all.  I'm just fishing
for any ideas while we continue to look at this ourselves.

Hosts where Mimedefang is already running still work fine.  Child
processes have been started many many times.  We happened to reboot
one host for a hardware problem and discovered the problem above.

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