[Mimedefang] General Milter Questions

Nathan Findley nathan at zenlok.com
Mon Nov 12 23:43:59 EST 2012

Hi all,

First of all if there is a better mailing list to send milter api 
related questions, please let me know.

I am working on a simple c filter that saves incoming data to disk for 
later processing.  It does nothing other than make a copy of the mail 
and store envelope data.  Now that I am working in c, the first hurdle 
seems to be increasing the default sendmail confQUEUE_LA / confREFUSE_LA 
values in order open the floodgate.

Assuming that sendmail itself is no longer bounding the process, are the 
ulimit values the next (and possibly only) remaining issue?  I am 
starting the filter as a socket and I am seeing a decent number of open 
file handles under /proc/<id>/fd during processing which is fine (they 
go away after a brief period).  I am just wondering: when dealing with a 
high volume mail server, is there anything I should be anticipating as 
being an issue?

So basically can anybody offer pointers about what I should watch out 
for on a general level?  Too many open file handles?  The socket being 
limited in some other way by the kernel's default ulimit values?  I know 
this is a bit vague, but advice is appreciated.

Thanks for your time,

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