[Mimedefang] changing message-ID to disable cyrus duplicatesuppression feature for a single domain

Marcus Schopen lists at localguru.de
Wed Nov 28 06:12:57 EST 2012


I'm using mimedefang in a sendmail/cyrus environment. Cyrus is
configured globally to drop duplicate emails. For some circumstances a
users needs for all his addresses a single multidrop mailbox which is
pop'ed by fetchmail and on user side distributed by local filters to
different local mailboxes. Incoming emails with the same message-id are
dropped by cyrus on my side e.g. emails with multiple Cc recipients sent
separately by the sending mailserver. The user receives just one email
in his multidrop mailbox. To my mind this is a good feature, but because
of further mailfiltering the user needs these duplicate emails (multiple
pop boxes is not an option for him). Because of mailloops, sieve
filtering etc. I don't want to disable the duplicatesuppression feature
in cyrus and thinking about a workaround with mimedefang to deliver
duplicate mails with the same message-ID, but only for his domain. Any
ideas? Changing the message-ID for incoming emails to this domain?
Sounds evil ...


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