[Mimedefang] MIMEdefang not executing mimedefang-filter?

Kees Theunissen C.J.Theunissen at differ.nl
Thu Jan 24 17:15:20 EST 2013

On Thu, 24 Jan 2013, Rolf E. Sonneveld wrote:

>Hi, all,
>running MD 2.71 (but the same problems shows up in 2.73)
>I have a mimedefang-filter which has run fine for more than a year now
>on an old Solaris 10 system. I have installed MD and the same
>mimedefang-filter on a new system (both Solaris, old one sun4u
>architecture, the new one sun4v architecture). On both systems Postfix
>is talking to MD, with milter version = 6. The problem I see is, that
>the mimedefang-filter does not convert the message on the new system,
>while it does at the old system. All I see in the log file (when I
>enable debugging) is:


>MDLOG,91D573CA46,mail_in,,,<my.mailaddr at xy.companyx.nl>,<r.e.sonneveld at sonnection.nl>,New


The logs show than mimedefang is running and that a message has been

>Now, even if I add a simple log statement as begin of the filter_begin
>routine, like:
>my $filename = '/tmp/report.txt';
>open(my $fh, '>>', $filename) or die "Could not open file '$filename' $!";
>print $fh "This is a test of mimedefang\n";
>close $fh;
>and I send a message, the output file of these four lines is not
>written. So for some reason, it seems that mimedefang is not executing
>the mimedefang-filter script at all.
>I checked file ownerships, permissions, umask etc. and compared with the
>old system and everything seems to be OK, except for the result of the
>mimdefang pass.
>Any suggestions much appreciated!

Mimedefang won't run without a filter and it doesn't seem to be using
the file you think it's using. So it probably uses another
filter file.

1) Examen mimedefang.pl to see the default filter file (build time
   option): grep 'Filter =' `which mimedefang.pl`
2) Examen your startup scripts (and config) to see if a filter
   is specified at run time.


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