[Remind-Fans] substitution and indentation

David T-G davidtg-remind at justpickone.org
Thu Nov 29 20:16:35 EST 2001

Hi again --

So I now know about [substitution] and it's made my boldfacing look quite
lovely.  It occurred to me that perhaps I could use this to standardize
indentation (yes, I'm kinda obsessive about that).

I have a top-level remindrc file and I include a number of other remind
files from there (part of the reason for my query regarding other
calendars suitable for a system or a family) with a header before each.

I'd like for included remind files to each indent two more spaces than
the last.  I tried

  set idnt ""
  set odnt ""
  set odnt [idnt]
  set idnt "[idnt]  "
  INCLUDE /path/to/some/file
  set idnt [odnt]

with the include file structure of

  REM date ... MSG [idnt]message-contents

but all I got on my output was

  [idnt]  message-contents

instead of the expected stacked indentation.  I turned around and tried
it inside the include file but that didn't work, either.

How can I increase and decrease my indentation in a programmatic manner
that will work at any depth of inclusion (I could manually set idnt to
two, four, six, or eight spaces but if the file were included in a
different order by someone else then those would be incorrect)?


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