[Remind-Fans] Scandinavian characters does not show correctly

Jostein Berntsen jbernts at broadpark.no
Wed Feb 24 06:51:28 EST 2010


Remind does not show the Scandinavian æ, ø, å characters in the terminal 
or when I view the entries in word. I have tested this in yakuake, xterm 
and different terminals. Other apps like mutt, ncmpcpp and newsbeuter 
shows the characters correctly. 

Example from rem output:  

M�te med TDC p� WNH? V�re forberedt med referat f�r m�tet.

This is my settings in .bashrc: 

export LC_CTYPE="nb_NO.UTF-8"
export MAILDIR=${HOME}/mail
#export LANG="nb_NO.UTF-8"
export LOCALE="nb_NO"

Is there a setting in a config file for remind I can make here?

- Jostein

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