[Remind-Fans] A way to find expired alarms?

David F. Skoll dfs at roaringpenguin.com
Sat Mar 6 09:56:18 EST 2010

Mayuresh wrote:

> Is there any way to find out expired reminders - those that will never
> trigger in future?  One may like to either go and delete them or set next
> date on them etc.

There's no reliable way.  You could use the "-dt" debugging flag.
Suppose the file expired.rem looks like this:

	REM 1 Jan 2010 MSG done

Then, remind -q -dt expired.rem outputs:

      expired.rem(1): Expired
      No reminders.

That's filename(line_number)

But there are problems:

o For reminders continued on more than one line, just the last line
number is printed.

o For something like:

      REM 1 Jan [year(today())] MSG foo

the reminder will be flagged as expired even though it's theoretically
possible to trigger again.

As long as you're willing to restrict yourself to simple reminders that
don't do any [substitution], the -dt flag is reliable.



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