[Remind-Fans] Remind 3.1.8 is Released

David F. Skoll dfs at roaringpenguin.com
Wed Mar 10 14:33:05 EST 2010

Eric wrote:

> I have no problem with your opinions, but freedom is freedom, you can't
> make exceptions for things you don't like.

That's exactly right, which is why I don't (and can't) prohibit people
from running Remind under Mac OS X, even though I think Apple and (to
a lesser extent) Microsoft are dangerous for computer users' freedom.

I do, however, have the right to express my opinion, both in prose and
in code.

> As for crippling the build, that is just ridiculous. I have the skill to
> un-cripple it if I wanted and needed to, but I wouldn't bother for a
> 30-second delay - how often do you rebuild something anyway!

The GPL allows you to modify the build to remove the delay, so that's fine.
Consider the delay my choice of forum for protesting the disgusting actions
of Apple and (to a lesser extent) Microsoft.  If building Remind makes even
one Apple customer think seriously about the consequences of his or her
purchasing choices, then I'm happy.



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