[Remind-Fans] Please test Remind 3.1.9-to-be

David F. Skoll dfs at roaringpenguin.com
Thu Apr 22 13:14:13 EDT 2010

Dougie Lawson wrote:

> I'd have prefer it to copy the existing .reminders file to
> .reminders.notpurged and update the .reminders file. That way I have
> to do nothing other than run `rem -j` and if it goes wrong I can
> rename the backup file to the original name.

> I'd also like an option for whether to leave expired reminders as
> comments or remove them completely.

Well, I'm following the UNIX tradition of small tools (and also being lazy...)

Copying existing files and then overwriting original files is a
non-starter.  I will never introduce a feature into Remind that can
overwrite your original files.

But you can, of course, achieve this with a simple shell wrapper.  Assuming
.reminders is a directory, then a script like this would work:

rem -j || exit 1
for i in $HOME/.reminders/*.rem ; do
    test -f $i.purged && mv $i $i.notpurged && mv $i.purged $i

Your second request can be achieved as follows:

rem -j || exit 1
for i in $HOME/.reminders/*.purged ; do
    grep -v '^#!P: Expired:' $i > $i.$$ && mv $i.$$ $i

If you wanted to combine them into one script, you'd want to do the grep
step first and the renaming afterwards.



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