[Remind-Fans] Day number

David F. Skoll dfs at roaringpenguin.com
Sun May 9 18:49:01 EDT 2010

Jostein Berntsen wrote:

> I use this function for getting the number of the day shown in the 
> calendar. 

> REM CAL [trigdate()-date(year(trigdate()), 1, 1)+1]

> The day number is now placed below the date in the calendar output. Is 
> it possible to place it right after the name of the day, or in a 
> parenthesis after the date?

There are only two ways to do what you want:  With a PS special,
or by abusing the WEEK special.

The latter is easier and works with the HTML and TkRemind back-ends:

REM SPECIAL WEEK ([trigdate()-date(year(trigdate()), 1, 1)+1])

The former might be something like this, though it only works for
PostScript calendars:

REM SPECIAL PS Border Border 2 div moveto /DayFont findfont 6 scalefont setfont ([trigdate()-date(year(trigdate()), 1, 1)+1]) show

If you know PostScript, you can play around with the PS special to position
the day number where you like it.



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