[Remind-Fans] Last word on Apple; 3.1.9 coming soon...

David F. Skoll dfs at roaringpenguin.com
Tue May 18 12:49:22 EDT 2010

Kevin Owens wrote:

> Maybe ironically, the way I got around the anti-mac policy by
> tinkering with the configure file.

Bwuahahahaa... my evil plan is bearing fruit...

Anyway, to get back on-topic:  I'd like to do a Remind 3.1.9 release soon;
if you have git installed, please clone or pull
http://git.roaringpenguin.com/Remind.git/ and give it a spin.  Here's
what's in WHATSNEW.  (And there's new-and-improved anti-Mac stuff too;
I hope you tinkerers enjoy finding it! :))



* Version 3.1 Patch 9 - as yet unreleased.

- MAJOR ENHANCEMENT: New "purge mode" to delete expired reminders.  See
  the PURGE MODE section of the remind man page.

- ENHANCEMENT: Support DURATION in TkRemind.  Thanks to Marek Marczykowski.

- BUG FIX: Don't change the order of PS and PSFILE reminders.  Bug found
  by John McGowan.

- BUG FIX: "REM 1990-01-01 SATISFY 1" would yield a spurious parse error
  in earlier versions of Remind.

- BUG FIX: Yom HaShoah is moved to Thursday if it would normally fall on
  a Friday.  Thanks to Jonathan Kamens for pointing this out.

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