[Remind-Fans] Several questions from a newbie

Eugene static-const at ya.ru
Tue May 18 14:47:41 EDT 2010

On Fri, 14 May 2010 22:52:35 +0400
Eugene <static-const at ya.ru> wrote:

> Hi.
> I'm trying to figure out whether Remind can satisfy my needs. There
> are basically three questions. For each of those, I'd like to know
> whether a solution exists and what it is (which keywords/clauses I
> must use etc.).
> 1. For each periodic and non-periodic event, I'd like to specify
> number of days N so that the software reminds me about the event N
> days before it occurs.
> 2. For each periodic event, I'd like to mark it as DONE (probably
> specifying the date D) so that Remind won't remind me about the
> dates when event occurs and which are <= D.
> 3. I'd like the software to continue reminding me about each periodic
> and non-periodic event which occured in the past but wasn't marked as
> DONE. 
> I believe that Remind is capable to solve 1 and 2, but I doubt about
> the last one. Please help me if you can.
> Best regards,
> Eugene

Seems that I managed to somewhat solve 2 and 3. Here is a piece of my
reminders file:

SET _trigdate evaltrig("Saturday", max(today() - 7, '2010-05-16'))
SET _deferred _trigdate < today()
REM [choose(_deferred+1, _trigdate, today())] \
MSG Perform software update[choose(_deferred+1, "", " (" + _trigdate
+ ")")]

I have a new question about using remind. Is there a way to print
reminders active just today (without piping remind's output to grep)?
And, in addition, is it possible to print all reminders active next N
days without duplicates? 

Best regards,

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