[Remind-Fans] tkremind kills symlinks

David A. De Graaf dad at datix.us
Tue Jun 22 12:40:33 EDT 2010

As a longtime enthusiast of remind, I need to use it consistently on
all of my LAN machines.  My ~/.reminders file lives on a central
server, datium, and all other machines use that same file via NFS by
replacing ~/.reminders with a symbolic link, eg

   ~/.reminders  ->  /net/datium/home/dad/.reminders

Whenever remind runs on one of the outlying machines, autofs causes
the NFS mount to automatically occur so that the central file can be
read.  This works beautifully.

Imagine my horror and my surprise when I discovered that tkremind
does not edit the .reminders file;  it replaces it!
This destroys the symlink, replacing it with a private local file.
After a few "edits" it becomes difficult to regain sanity.

Can tkremind be brought to heel, and made to obey the niceties of
conventional file system usage?

	David A. De Graaf    DATIX, Inc.    Hendersonville, NC
	dad at datix.us         www.datix.us

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