[Remind-Fans] Date::Remind::Event - Manipulate remind output with Perl

Mark Lawrence nomad at null.net
Sat Jun 26 16:02:34 EDT 2010

On Sat Jun 26, 2010 at 01:43:36PM -0400, David F. Skoll wrote:
> Mark Lawrence wrote:
> >     git clone git://github.com/mlawren/date-remind-event.git
> > Feedback is welcome.
> One comment about a comment in your code:
>         # There is an extra duration field, not documented in rem2ps
>         $body =~ s/.*? //;
> Actually, that's not true.  The remind "-b" option controls whether or
> not to include the time in the body.  So given the file:
> ...
> -b0 is the default.  (Arguably, this sort of processing should be done
> by the back-end that produces the calendar rather than by Remind itself,
> but it's been this way for ages.)

So it is the _body_ content that is changing, depending on whether or
not the event has a duration smaller than a day? Not really reasonable
behavior for a machine-parseable output mode... Unfortunately, if it
has been this way for ages then most consumers of the -s (-p) output
presumably now *depend* on -b0 behaviour, and I guess I'll have to
follow suit.

I would still stand by my comment that this behaviour is not documented
in the rem2ps manpage (even with just a pointer to the -b flag), which
is where you are telling programatic users to look for the output
format. But I'll clarify the code comment accordingly.

Mark Lawrence

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