[Remind-Fans] rem preparser, etc

tsr.offentlig at tsr.se tsr.offentlig at tsr.se
Tue Jun 29 09:32:17 EDT 2010

El Mon, 28 Jun 2010 17:58:11 -0400
"David F. Skoll" <dfs at roaringpenguin.com> escribió:
> I'm only going to take some of this...

No worries ;)

> > * A reminder tag
> > What is it really?
> It's just a tag.  TkRemind uses tags for its own purposes, but
> Remind itself doesn't care about them.
> > Can I use multiple tags for one reminder in some
> > clever way (except defining them in the MSG)?
> Not really, but you could make a tag like this:
> REM ... TAG tagA,tagB,tagC ... MSG ...
> As long as there's no white space, it'll be treated (by Remind) as one
> big tag.  Unfortunately, Remind imposes a maximum length of 48
> characters for a tag (defined in custom.h as TAG_LEN).
> I think enhancing Remind to allow multiple TAGs would be a good thing.
> Perhaps REM .. TAG tagA TAG tagB TAG tagC MSG foo could output:
> YYYY/MM/DD * tagA,tagB,tagC * * foo
> so existing "remind -p" parsers don't break, but back-ends that
> care about tags could split on a comma.  Thoughts?

This sounds reasonable to me, my only (and it is small) concern is the
lack of white space, but I assume that would require a lot more (or
maybe you can encapsulate stuff in "" already?... nope you can't).


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