[Remind-Fans] OMIT a range of dates

Mike Kelly pioto at pioto.org
Tue Aug 31 10:24:45 EDT 2010

Currently, to record holidays, I've been using a pattern like:

  REM 01 Sep 2010 ++2 MSG %"Vacation%" %b%
  OMIT [trigger(trigdate())]
  REM 02 Sep 2010 ++2 MSG %"Vacation%" %b%
  OMIT [trigger(trigdate())]
  REM 03 Sep 2010 ++2 MSG %"Vacation%" %b%
  OMIT [trigger(trigdate())]

But, that gets tedious quickly. I can make the REM part more concise by
doing something like:

  REM 01 Sep 2010 *1 ++2 UNTIL 03 Sep 2010 MSG %"Vacation%" %b%

but, I have yet to be able to figure out how to properly OMIT all of
those days. If I just try to use that OMIT [trigger(trigdate())], then
for all days after that vacation ends, I get this error:

 trigger(): Type mismatch

Any advice would be appreciated.

Mike Kelly

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