[Remind-Fans] Synchronizing tools for Remind?

Mark Knoop mark at opus11.net
Wed Sep 1 02:56:09 EDT 2010

At 07:57 on 01 Sep 2010, Mats Rauhala wrote:
> I quickly looked over your code and it looks good. I also intend to
> test it out, hopefully already today. Thank you already :).
> On a more off-topic note, I hope you don't mind me asking some
> technical questions? I see that you compare changes and seem to be
> using some Google specific identification in it. But how do you
> compare it with Remind? Do you insert some metadata to reminders? Do
> you convert to vcard and insert some metadata in there and just hope
> that the vcard can still be matched back to remind?

I decided against using vcard/ical as an intermediate format since it
seemed a regressive step. So the script converts to a simple class
holding all relevant info (class Event(): line 51). This makes a md5
hash of the line received from 'rem -s' as well as including the
filename and linenumber via the rem '-l' option. The hash is included
in the Google event as an extended property ('uid' lines 370-374). 

When an event is received back from Google, the rem -s output is
reconstructed (class Remevent(): line 162) and its hash tested to see if
it matches the actual hash (which will be unchanged since no other
client uses it). If it does not match, then the event has changed in a
way that is relevant to remind.

Note also that the script will output remind events in my preferred
(and perhaps idiosyncratic) format (line 157). This should be moved to
the config file to be easily changed. I also use TAGs to categorise my
events and include info such as transparency and timezone. See
add_tags() line 78.

Mark Knoop

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