[Remind-Fans] Config options for colours and fonts

Nick Coleman ncoleman at internode.on.net
Wed Sep 1 00:48:13 EDT 2010

Is there some way to set tk options for tkremind?  I prefer a lighter
background to the standard gray, and different fonts to the default

Two ideas suggest themselves:
1) Change default tk settings in a .tkrc file.  Is there any such
thing?  How does one set the default background and foreground colours
and fonts for tk?

2) Do something like how some pythonistas handle user options. Have all
options in a .tkremind file that is imported at the beginning of
tkremind.  The options override any default settings in tkremind.  This
would mean any tkremind upgrade keeps the user's changes.

I used to edit the source code of tkremind to change colours, etc.
Unfortunately, this gets overwritten every time I upgrade and I've now
forgotten how I did it.


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