[Remind-Fans] Remind and UTF-8

Doros Eracledes d.eracledes at albourne.com
Sat Sep 11 17:03:41 EDT 2010

It still doesn't work with Greek UTF-8 characters, the boxes "break"
next to the words that don't fit in the box and need to split into a
second line(I can send a screenshot if your interested).
I had previously tried Wolfgang's patch but that didn't work either :-(

I did however manage to get postscript output working fine (I convert into
iso-8859-7 from UTF-8 with uniconv  and then pass into rem2ps) so I use that to
get a "proper" view.

PS: I'm working on a src/langs/greek.h I may need some help on
Pluralization on the hours and minutes though. My C experience is little
I'm afraid... 

Thank you for a great program!!

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