[Remind-Fans] Remind wiki

David Rogers davidandrewrogers at gmail.com
Sun Sep 12 19:09:20 EDT 2010

* Andrew Ho <andrewho at andrewho.co.uk> [2010-09-12 21:25]:

>Hi all,
>So the discussion regarding the inactive wiki has come up a few times 
>on the list, as the wiki hosted on 43folders is now somewhat defunct.  
>I e-mailed Merlin to ask him what his future plans were for the 
>43folders wiki, and he replied that he had no real future plans other 
>than that he would take it down at some stage and archive the 
>Personally, I feel that it would be useful to us to have a working 
>wiki.  Do other people feel the same?  I am happy to set one up and 
>host it if other users and David feel that this would be a valuable 

For myself, nearly every useful thing I do with Remind comes from
reading wikis or other similar information repositories. I'm not a real
programmer, and the "typical solutions" posted by those more experienced
than I am tend to work for me with minimal tweaking. I suspect there are
others like myself, for whom accessible information makes the difference
between Remind being extremely useful vs being a somewhat mystifying
experience. Being able to read the man page is not the same as being
able to read the man page _intelligently_, and with the help of Paul
Pelzl, David Skoll, and several others, I've been able to get at least a
step or two closer to understanding what's going on.

So... (A) thanks to those very helpful people, and (B) a stable,
easy-to-find repository of information is a great idea if it doesn't
cost you more time & money than is comfortable - and thanks to you if
you decide to go ahead.


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