[Remind-Fans] Problem with German month names in remind scripts

Simon Ruderich simon at ruderich.org
Mon Sep 13 17:46:45 EDT 2010


I'm a new user of remind and so far I love it. I have only one
problem: When I was testing the German version I though I could
enter German month/weekday names like this:

    REM 1 Oktober MSG Do something! %b
    REM Die MSG Do something! %b

(Die = Dienstag = Tuesday)

But this doesn't work. If I change it to October or Tue it works
fine (the output is in German).

I tested it with version 03.01.09.

Now I'm not sure if this intended or not. To fix it (but I'm not
sure if it causes other problems) the following patch works for

--- a/src/token.c
+++ b/src/token.c
@@ -359,7 +359,7 @@ static int TokStrCmp(Token const *t, char const *s)
     register int r;
     char const *tk = t->name;
     while(*tk && *s && !(*s == ',' && *(s+1) == 0)) {
-	r = *tk - tolower(*s);
+	r = tolower(*tk) - tolower(*s);
 	if (r) return r;

Thanks for your input,
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