[Remind-Fans] wxremind and editing events

John Jones careerinohio at gmail.com
Mon Sep 13 23:11:25 EDT 2010


I have installed wxremind 101 as a GUI front-end to remind version 03.01.07
Everything seems to be functional except editing the current ~/.reminders.
I can add events using the GUI,  but not edit them.

"Unable to edit using:
Check settings in ~/.wxremindrc"

Now if I switch "editor = '/usr/bin/gedit'" to "editor =
'/usr/bin/mousepad'" it opens up a mousepad window
but no file is shown to edit. It's blank.

~/.wxremindrc settings re: edit/files:
reminders = '''/home/JJ/.reminders'''
current = '''/home/JJ/.reminders'''

and the editor section specifically:
editor = '/usr/bin/mousepad'
editold = '%(e)s -f +%(n)s %(f)s'
editnew = '%(e)s -f + %(f)s'

Some system installed packages:
Fedora 12 using kernel.
Python 2.6.2

Any ideas?

if this is not the appropriate venue for this question, please forgive me.
I have read and re-read all the wxremind documentation, but I'm stuck.

Thank you all for your time,

John Jones

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