[Remind-Fans] wxremind and editing events

David Rogers davidandrewrogers at gmail.com
Wed Sep 15 17:20:08 EDT 2010

* John Jones <careerinohio at gmail.com> [2010-09-13 23:11]:

>I have installed wxremind 101 as a GUI front-end to remind version 03.01.07
>Everything seems to be functional except editing the current ~/.reminders.
>I can add events using the GUI,  but not edit them.
>"Unable to edit using:
>Check settings in ~/.wxremindrc"
>Now if I switch "editor = '/usr/bin/gedit'" to "editor =
>'/usr/bin/mousepad'" it opens up a mousepad window
>but no file is shown to edit. It's blank.
>~/.wxremindrc settings re: edit/files:
>reminders = '''/home/JJ/.reminders'''
>current = '''/home/JJ/.reminders'''
>and the editor section specifically:
>editor = '/usr/bin/mousepad'
>editold = '%(e)s -f +%(n)s %(f)s'
>editnew = '%(e)s -f + %(f)s'
>Some system installed packages:
>Fedora 12 using kernel.
>Python 2.6.2
>Any ideas?
>if this is not the appropriate venue for this question, please forgive me.
>I have read and re-read all the wxremind documentation, but I'm stuck.

Hi John.

Do you really prefer gedit, or mousepad?

Perhaps one more thing to check: if the commands in the .wxremindrc
(such as -f + %(n)s and so on) were written for another editor, perhaps
they are not the right commands to give for mousepad or gedit. The man
pages for gedit and for mousepad should tell you what commands ought to
be used to get them to behave as desired.


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