[Remind-Fans] Printing the time in reminders

seanh snhmnd at gmail.com
Sun Oct 3 16:14:01 EDT 2010


I often use timed reminders because when I have multiple reminders for
one day I want them to be printed in the right chronological order when
I print a calendar with a command like `remind -cl+ ~/.reminders`. In
calendars, remind prints the time for timed reminders at the beginning of
each reminder.

Remind does not print the time for timed reminders when I'm simply
printing reminders with `remind ~/.reminders` I want to see their times
so I put "%2" at the end of timed reminder messages. This causes times
to be printed at the end of each timed reminder. But it means that when
I'm printing a calendar the time for each reminder is printed twice,
once at the start of the reminder (which is automatic) and again at the
end of the reminder because of the %2.

Is there a way around this? What I want is for the time of a timed
reminder to be printed once, whether I'm printing a calendar or simply
printing today's reminders.


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