[Remind-Fans] New version of remind-conf-mode

Shelagh Manton shelagh.manton at gmail.com
Wed Oct 20 20:40:43 EDT 2010

I've worked out the regular expression that will give people ISO style
dates and times as outlined by David

YYYY-MM-DD and YYYY/MM/DD for dates;
hh:mm and hh.mm for times;

as well as the Cartesian product of the date formats followed by an
'@' followed by the time formats:

YYYY-MM-DD at hh:mm, YYYY-MM-DD at hh.mm, YYYY/MM/DD at hh:mm and
YYYY/MM/DD at hh.mm

I changed the face so that it distinctive for these formats. 

It is available from

svn checkout http://remind-conf-mode.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ remind-conf-mode-read-only

Let me know how it goes. I find I am still using what is available from
my distos repository and so it doesn't parse these style of dates. The
highlighting works though. 




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