[Remind-Fans] Remind package for Snow Leopard

'Girish Anand' girish.tranand at gmail.com
Sun Oct 24 13:10:02 EDT 2010


I am not very tech savvy and happened to come across Remind on some tech
blog and have been using it since. On OS X Tiger and Leopard, i used the
installer package that was (since the site is down now) available at
http://www.voit-rifkin.com/software/remind v3.0.24. One of the reasons for
holding on Snow Leopard upgrade is that i could not find a regular installer
for new OS and i have my doubts that the older version would work. Can
somebody help me with an compiled executable or an installer so i can avoid
having to go the darwinport route (http://remind.darwinports.com/)  I have
tired it before and haven't been able to get it right.


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