[Remind-Fans] Remind package for Snow Leopard

Robert Hamrick rph at muxux.org
Mon Oct 25 09:56:32 EDT 2010

David:  Did you ever get a remind wiki up?  I don't think Girish is
alone here.

Girish> Can somebody help me with an compiled executable or an installer
Girish> so i can avoid having to go the darwinport route
Girish> (http://remind.darwinports.com/) I have tired it before and
Girish> haven't been able to get it right.

Hi Girish:  Have you tried compiling from source?  It's easier than you
might think.  My experience is that it usually works, even when I have
no idea what I'm doing.  ;-)

Here's what you'd do:

 - Download the source from http://www.roaringpenguin.com/products/remind.
   In this case, the latest release is 03.01.09.

 - Open a terminal and cd to the directory where you downloaded the
   remind source.

 - Unzip and extract the source:  tar xzf remind-03.01.09.tar.gz

 - cd remind-03.01.09

 - ./configure

 - make

You can see if that worked by running the remind binary that you created

 - ./src/remind -q ~/.reminders

which you can install for real with

 - sudo make install

After that, you should be able to run /usr/local/bin/remind -q
~/.reminders.  (If you can't just run remind -q ~/.reminders, then your
environment needs to be configured to do that.)

Let us know if that works.


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