[Remind-Fans] THROUGH keyqord

Jostein Berntsen jbernts at broadpark.no
Wed Dec 22 14:26:38 EST 2010

On 22.12.10,10:06, David F. Skoll wrote:
> On Wed, 22 Dec 2010 06:27:27 +0100
> Jostein Berntsen <jbernts at broadpark.no> wrote:
> > I have some troubles getting the THROUGH keyword to work with the
> > OMIT function in the new 3.01.10 version. I get an error that the
> > date is specified twice. Is the use of THROUGH documented somewhere? 
> Yes, in the Remind man page.
> You can say:
> OMIT y1 m1 d1 THROUGH y2 m2 d2
> You can't use this, though:
> OMIT m1 d1 THROUGH m2 d2

For some reason it seems like the THROUGH keyword is not recognized at 
all, even if I have installed 03.01.10:

REMIND 03.01.10 (English version) Copyright 1992-1998 David F. Skoll

I can't find anything on it in when doing "man remind" either. If I go 
to the 03.01.10 install directory and look at the man file there, I find 
the section on the new keyword. Something I should uninstall?


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