[Remind-Fans] Wyrd on a Nokia N900 / Converting from a Palm T5

Nick Drage nickd at funkyjesus.org
Wed Dec 29 17:50:07 EST 2010


Impressed with the apparent power of Remind and Wyrd I'd like to run
them on my Nokia N900, on top of EasyDebian.

However running wyrd gives me the "No bytecode file specified." error,
and looking to bypass this issue by either cross-compiling, or compiling
from source, is proving difficult.  Have you found a solution to this
problem before?

Is there anyone here who's converted to Remind/Wyrd from using the Palm
calendar application?  I'm currently looking to convert my Palm calendar
to .rem format via jpilot and ical2rem.pl, but finding the conversion
process "non trivial", so would appreciate lessons learnt from anyone
who has gone before me.

Please reply privately, I'll summarise any particularly useful replies
in another email to the list.  While I was unable to find an FAQ or
posting guide for this mailing list online, I expect I'm stretching
relevance a little here.

Thank you in advance.

"If a job's worth doing well,
 it's worth paying someone else who knows what they're doing to do it."

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