[Remind-Fans] Tower of Hanoi like tape rotation schedule

Abner Gershon 6731955 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 30 10:13:20 EDT 2015

Has anyone created a Tower of Hanoi type backup tape rotation schedule
using remind? My plan is to apply the Tower of Hanoi type schedule weekly
ie use one tape per week. I would like backup tapes to rotate in ever
increasing intervals up to perhaps 5 years or 256 weeks. So far I have the

REM 01 Apr 2015 *7 MSG Use tape A
REM 07 Apr 2015 *14 MSG Use tape B
REM 14 Apr 2015 *28 MSG Use tape C
REM 21 Apr 2015 *46 MSG Use tape D

Is there a way to tell remind to skip certain dates so that the tape A
message does not occur on days that the tape B, C, or D messages occur. And
the tape A and B messages would not occur if the tape C or D messages where
to occur?

I could post about a years worth of weeks on a spreadsheet and use that as
a reference but I was wondering if remind couldn't be put to this task.


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