[Remind-Fans] Tkremind doesn't pop up any more.

Charles Stroom charles at stremen.xs4all.nl
Wed Jun 24 18:23:48 EDT 2015

Hi all,

my first post and I joined this list because I have a problem with
remind, which I have recently installed from rpm on a Linux opensuse
13.1.  I use tkremind (part of the install).  In my remind directory
are 3 rem files, 2 are read-only, as they contain static data and one
is the one used to add or edit data via the tkremind popup.

I have added some data in this way, it all worked fine.  I noticed that
moving the cursor over these appointments, they turn red.  But not so
over the static data, and there is also no popup on that data.

The problem is that suddenly there is no popup any more to add new
data.  When clicking on the existing modifiable data, there is a popup,
so I can edit.  I have removed and reinstalled, but that is no solution.

My data is in a directory ~/Remind, which I specify on the command line
to start tkremind
(tkremind ~/Remind/ ~/Remind/new_remind_private.rem).
There is also an empty .tkremindrc, but deleting this file does not
help either (it is recreated when restarting tkremind).

Any suggestions what is wrong here?

Thanks, Charles

Charles Stroom
email: charles at no-spam.stremen.xs4all.nl (remove the "no-spam.")

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